Problem with Noise gate effect

I don’t know, why, but in My version of Audacity Noise gate suddenly sopped working after reinstalling Audacity. Please, how to fix this problem and how to remove former setting files?
Thank You.

I think to Audacity Noise gate plugin, which is included with every effects folder of Audacity effects. But, after trying Noise gate from Nyquist plugin site in Audacity wiki, this plugin works fine.
I don’t know, why this preinstalled plugin doesn’t work.

There is a known regression bug that affects most Nyquist effects, which fail now on longer sections of audio.

We aim to have this fixed for the upcoming 3.0.1


The pre-installed version has an extra control: “hold”.
Unfortunately an update shortly before Audacity 3.0.0 was released caused a problem with the new “hold” setting.

To work around the problem, set “hold” to zero. The effect should then work like previous versions of Noise Gate.

(This bug has been fixed for the next Audacity release)

Thank You.
After made It, as You write here, It works, as on previous versions of Audacity. I hope, that this problem will be solved as soon as possible.