Plugins de atenuar reverbação

Hello everybody!

Can you tell me if Audacity has a tool to attenuate or even end the natural reverb or one added by the program, or even room bending, for example?

If so, what would be the tool and basic principles to use it?

I’m also looking for more information about using a normalization plugin, if I’m not mistaken it’s called “dynamic normalization”. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you friends!

There are de-reverb plugins which work in Audacity,
but they are expensive (~$100) and not very effective on strong reverb.

If your recording is just speech, not music,
Adobe Enhance (currently free) is worth a try …

Hello Trebor!

Thanks for the tip, this is an online tool so I’ll test it later on my file.

Regarding my second question regarding the “dynamic normalization” plugin, is there any hint of a tip?

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Audacity comes with has dynamic-range-compression …

But IMO it’s too slow for speech. LevelSpeech2 is better.

Neither of those plugins work in real-time.
There are MANY free real-time compressor plugins, e.g. …
TDR Nova | Tokyo Dawn Records (complicated: multi-band)
TDR Molotok | Tokyo Dawn Records (simpler: one band)

Hello Trebor!

Thank you for indicating the plugins, however, as I teach classes at the Conservatory regarding audio processing, I prefer the native Audacity plugins. The ones you presented are formidable at a professional level.

The plugin I was referring to at the beginning of this topic is exactly this one:

I remember that in the manual there was teaching on how to use the parameters, but I couldn’t find any more, I have the plugins.

Friendly hug!

There are simpler (free) multi-band compressor plugins which work in real time, e.g. … KSHMR Essentials Kick | W. A. Production

Play the track then adjust the *pressure & comp knobs until you like what you hear. [Ignore the other knobs].

[ * “pressure” is multi-band compression, “Comp” is single band ].

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