Plugin download URL ?

I’ve just updated to 2.3.2, and thought it might be fun to see if there are any new plugins. I seem to remember that when Audacity was released, there were zip files clearly visible on the official download page with whole collections of plugins.

After several hours of reading FAQs, Wiki pages, forums, google, Wikipedia, etc., it seem there are thousands who can tell me how to install plugins, but nobody with any knowledge of where to actually get plugins. The official site has a link to plugins buried near to bottom of a page, but that leads to a 404 error. The same problem had been reported months ago and supposedly ‘resolved’. Sadly the link still points to an imaginary page.

I’m a little concerned that new users will never be able to use plugins at all, or (worse) that sharing from disreputable sites will increase to fill the demand.

If someone can please tell me (after testing the link for yourself) where can I get the actual plugins themselves, that would be very helpful.

Just to be clear - I already know how to install them, and just need a WORKING official source page to get them from.

Thanks for your time!

See the Audacity Wiki:

particularly this page: