please help

Hi everyone, my uncle wich is blind, asked me if there’s a shortcut to mute a single track from midi files. Just to explain better , he uses to play midi files to sing, but he’d like to mute just the melody. Is there any way I can set a shortcut to mute one of the midi tracks?

Audacity’s MIDI capabilities are very limited - basically you can:

  • Import a MIDI file
  • Play a MIDI track (“Note Track”)
  • Cut / Copy / Paste parts of a MIDI track (though the results can sometimes be unexpected)

So the short answer is no, not with Audacity. He will need to use a proper “MIDI sequencer” app rather than Audacity.

But you can Mute an MIDI track from its Track Control Panel.

So is there any reason why you can’t use the Macro Mute commands to mute a Note (MIDI) track ?


MIDI tracks can have up to 16 channels per MIDI port. Each MIDI instrument uses a separate MIDI channel, so for a single MIDI port you can have up to 16 separate instruments. I believe that the OP wants to know how to mute just one of those MIDI channels while playing the rest.

In a MIDI sequencer, you can mute individual MIDI channels from within a MIDI track. Audacity can also do this (sort of) but:

  1. You will need to guess which channel has melody (Audacity does not show individual MIDI channel names or instrument names)
  2. There are no keyboard shortcuts to do this.

The way that you mute a MIDI channel in Audacity is to click on the appropriate number button in the panel on the left end of the track. As far as I’m aware, there is no accessible way for blind users to do this.