Playback from new cursor selection

I didn’t find an option for immediately playing audio from a new cursor position when you click anywhere on the waveform. Is there such a thing? Because that’s the most intuitive way to play from a new position.

The online manual says “If you are already playing the track at another position, press S twice and playback will resume from your newly chosen cursor position.” Pressing S twice doesn’t even do anything.

I’m on Windows 11 using Audacity 3.2.2.

Nevermind, clicking on timeline does it.

I think that’s an error - it should say: " press Space twice and playback will resume …"

I’ve fixed that for the alpha Manual for the upcoming 3.2.2 release.

Thanks for the catch Vresos :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


You must have the wrong manual. The"S" key (on its own) is not assigned to any commands by default.
Ctrl + S = Save
Shift + S = Solo / unsolo focussed track.
Here is the current manual:
and the full list of default keyboard shortcuts:
(Note that there is a “standard” set of shortcuts, and a “full” set of shortcuts. The latter has more).

Clicking on the waveform sets the playback position but does not instigate playback.
Click and drag on the waveform creates a “selection” which defines the region for edits and applying effects.

Click on the Timeline (the ruler at the top) starts playback from the clicked position.
On older versions, click and drag in the Timeline would play the region that was dragged across, and “Shift + Click and drag” would loop play the region.

In Audacity 3.1(?) and later, Click and drag in the Timeline creates a loop region and enters “loop playback” mode. Click the “loop” button to return to normal playback mode.

No the original poster was right - it was a long-standing error on this page:

It was OK in 2016 and got changed incorrectly in 2017 - I’ve fixed it for the 3.2.2 alpha Manual.


Well spotted. (there was a typo in this update).

OK OK, rub it in - so it was me that screwed that up D’OH :blush: :blush: :blush: