Playback during graphic equalization

Adjust the graphic equalizer during playback.

Is this a Feature Request?

Many of the Audacity effects now offer Real-Time Preview whereby you can adjust the controls as Audacity is playing. Unfortunately as of right now Equalization is not RTP enabled.


There are several free real-time graphic-equalizer plugins which work in Audacity in Windows, e.g. …

Yes this is a feature request. Audacity’s equalizer is pretty awesome, would just make it complete if there was real time adjustment during playback.

I didn’t realize there were plugins available. Tokyo dawn looks to have better functionality and appears closest to Audacity’s.
Thanks for pointing those options out.

Yes, I think that’s the main difference between typical “home user” software and “professional software”: With professional software you don’t need a “preview”, because you can add any effect live and hear the current settings while playing. I’d strongly like the latter.

I disagree. You are comparing two different types of audio application, and characterising one as “home user” on the basis that it does not do what a different type of audio application does. That’s like complaining that a farm tractor doesn’t have a built-in sat nav, or that a Ferrari can’t pull a plough - both are vehicles, but designed for different purposes. If you want to use real-time processing, use a real-time DAW (such as Sonar, Reaper, Cubase, Ardour, or any of the other dozens of real-time DAW applications). If you want a sample editor / wave editor, then Audacity is an excellent, professional choice (and yes Audacity is used in some professional sound studios).

The point is that if an application and plugins weren’t designed to have immediate effects while playing, such a feature can’t be added afterwards without a complete redesign.
I’d take this example: TeX vs. (MS-)Word: In TeX you’ll have to render your document to see how it looks; in Word you see how it looks while you type…
Once TeX was state of the art (when people used 80x25 character serial terminals, or even worse).