Playback audio under cursor?

Fairly new to audacity as a means of editing.

Apologies if this has been covered but cannot locate it. Can experienced users or experts help with this query, please?

Very impressed with Audacity and it has some great features that I have been using on and off for a while but I am rather old school (tape based!) and wonder if manual edit position selection can be done in a similar way? i.e. hand tape transportation, listen to output, mark desired edit location(s)…and edit!

I would envisage transport playback of the audio at the cursor position whilst that is moved forward and back by the mouse at the speed of the cursor movement…and then add a marker etc.

Is that possible or something fairly similar?


But you may also find Timeline Quickplay useful (I do):

you can drop a marker (actually a label) at any current play position with CMD + . on Mac


Well thank you waxcylinder.
That is a great start, never knew it was called scrubbing! Will get to grips with that function. Thanks for your succinct fast response.

Not such a great start by me though, meant to post in the Windows section! Doh!
I guess the technique apart from shortcut keys will be identical…


Ctrl + M on Windows to drop a label at the current play/record position

Ctrl + B to drop a label at the current cursor position (or a range label at the current selection)

I’ll move this to the Windows section for you …


It’s what the old audio engineers used to call it when rocking the reels of a tape-deck back and forth to find and edit point.