Play without Recording

Is there a method for listening to a record prior to recording? I am only able to listen to a recording - but there are instances where I’d like to hear what I am about to record so that I might decide whether I want to record it or not.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough > OK.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Followed your instructions - following is the options setup. Still only hear the record when pressing the record button. Ideas?

checked: Play other tracks while recording (overdub)
checked: Software playthrough of input
not checked: Record on a new track
checked: Detect dropouts

If you configure Windows for [u]Listen To This Device[/u] you should hear the device/input without Audacity (or any other application) running.

If you do that, turn off Software Playthrough.

You do also have to turn on monitoring in the Recording Meter - just click in the meter (you should see “Click to start monitoring” there)


Oh and BTW if you are a “purist” you may wish to wait for the vinyl to cool down after playing it and recording it.

Apparently the action of the stylus in the groove warms the vinyl and temporarily distorts it ever so slightly,
“purists” worry about that - I, personally, don’t :wink:


Thanks for all the responses - it is working perfectly.