Play-at-speed Toolbar Should Be Able to Preserve Pitch

From what I understand, the play-at-speed toolbar allows you to listen to the sample at a faster or slower speed without actually altering the sample in any way. Similar to the way podcast apps allow you to listen to listen at different speeds, this Audacity feature should preserve the pitch. The only use case that I can think of for this feature is to save time while editing/listening for certain occurrences in the sample, but said occurrences are too difficult to hear when the pitch is altered. So, unless there is some use case I haven’t thought of, the entire purpose of this feature is negated by the altered pitch.

As I was typing this, I noticed previous posts were suggested about this exact issue. The threads go at least as far back as January 2022, and this feature has apparently been in the works for that long. I still want to make a post about it, because the feature seems pretty useless in its current state.

If you want to make a Feature Request, an Enhancement, you really need to log an issue on Muse’s GitHub:

You will need a GitHub account for that, but those are free,


Okay, will do. Thanks for the heads up.


That way it gets more visibility with Muse.

And once it’s logged I will add my +1 as I think it’s s good idea and a reasonable request.


@waxcylinder Play-at-speed Toolbar Should Be Able to Preserve Pitch #6784