Phase Meter for Audacity?

Hi there…

I’d like to renew the request for a phase meter for Audacity. I see a request for one many years ago. It would be really helpful. Even a simple, small +1/-1 meter.



Both of these plugins are free …

You really need to log Feature Requests on the Muse GitHub Issues page as a proposed Enhancement:

You will need a GitHub account for that, but those are free.

IIRC I recall Audacity having an experimental GonioMeter many moons ago,

I think this was in developer @Paul_L 's (Paul Licameli) experimental branch. Sadly this never saw the light of day in any Audacity release.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I’ve been looking at all kinds of meters and plugins, most free, some not. Very annoyed that they all seem to require downloading installers, one more thing I do not want on my computer. At this point, I’d pay just to have the VST3 plugin and avoid the extra software, but I realize I’m being picky.

I was just thinking it’d be nice to have a small meter on the toolbar, instead of a plugin. I’ll hop on GitHub and add it there, FWIW.

Thanks again.


I spoke to Paul about this, he said:

I don’t remember where I left those commits. I have not rebased them in long. Putting it into Audacity now isn’t likely.

There are free plug-ins for this purpose, for instance MAAT GŌN


ToneBoosters Goniometer [also free] has more features …

TB_Goniometer_v1_free in Audcaity3

[An unusually wild & wide stereo-track used for demonstration, YMMV].

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That looks cute Robert

@Trebor - Thanks for that link Trebor, I have been playing with the ToneBoosters goniometer and it is indeed cute.

One thing I did note is that the link gave me a whole shedload of other VST2 and VST3 plug-ins - but I soon got rid of those.


I got it a year ago, I forgot it came with a bundle of trial-offer plugin$

ToneBoosters v3 previous-generation"legacy" plugins are free.

You can avoid installing the v4 trial-offer plugin$ …

It would be great if one of these plug-ins could be ported to Linux. Windows and Mac are great, but there’s another platform out here that’s often ignored.

It would be great if one of these plug-ins could be ported to Linux


That’s down to the provider of the plugin, not Audacity …


I understand. I’m hoping someone reading this may have a suggestion for Audacity Linux. I’ve come up empty.

Apparently it is possible to run VST plugins in Linux …

[I’ve never done it myself though].