Personalizing bug reports

I understand people’s fear of privacy.
But how about this:
Just before I click “Send” on the bug-report form (for submission), I notice that the form has plucked/generated a unique identifier - could be a random string, could be as simple as a date/time stamp to the nearest second - and so far nothing has changed.

But if I choose, when I post a bug report in this forum, I can quote that system-generated number.

Now, if a developer wants to pursue the matter with me, they need only do a quick search of the forum to locate the unique identifier, and from there they can send me a Private Message to establish a communication channel.

As a developer (of other applications) I find that bug-resolution is enhanced with co-operation from a willing user; always the user’s choice, of course.

Cheers, Chris

I totally agree Chris. While I was part of the Audacity development team, there were many Audacity users that were immensely helpful in resolving bugs.

The new development team have set up new communication channels, including discord, YouTube, and surveys (though I’ve no idea how users are supposed to find the surveys, but apparently they are now used to direct design decisions).

I suspect that Muse may be very wary of doing this after the sh1t-storm they endured from keyboard-warriors last year when they considered adding usage-monitoring (which would have been very useful for the devs) with the “user Community” complaining about invasion of privacy.

And the really odd thing about that was that the “user Community” tended to complain on websites that all gather large amounts of personal data - go figure :ugeek:


I find myself frustrated at the fear-based efforts to protect my $5,000 of my online savings, when, it seems, a great many more people are fooled by a telephone caller from a stranger “We have noticed a discrepancy in our processing; can you help us by …?”

If I were empowered to institute draconian measures I would have people have to earn a driving-licence to be allowed to use the internet.
But that’s just me having my 263rd bad day this year (HUGE grin)
Cheers, Chris