Permanent Settings for Format Options

Hi, I want to always 100% of the time export my audio files for podcasts w/ the following settings:

.mp3 Format

128 kbps - Bit rate

44.1 khz - sample rate


I just exported an audio with these correct Format options ( I could NOT find the KHZ sample rate)
My question is, can I save these settings somehow so that every single audio file I export always exports at these settings? Also, how do I find the Sample rate? I do not see it in this screenshot

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 8.10.30 PM

On the left of the track.


Thanks I just read that the standard audacity sample rate is what I need anyhow so no need to adjust it for me

Careful here - that rate on the track is the rate of the track

The rate at which exports take place currently depends upon the Project Rate - this used to be shown in the Selection Toolbar but that has been removed in recent releases. You need to check the project rate by clicking on the Audio Setup button in the upper tooldock and selecting Audio Settings.

This is much improved in the upcoming 3.4.0 Audacity where the interface for Export has been much improved giving you full control over the export settings at export time in the export dialog.

For example here is a 3.4.0 Export dialog for MP3:


@Morf - and with this new upcoming 3.4.0 the settings you make and use in the export dialog should be remembered and re-used the next time you use export.

I don’t think that is entirely the case with current Audacity - where the export rate used is the current project rate.

AFAIK 3.4 is scheduled for release sometime in September.


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