Pasting behavior has changed in 3.4?

I looked through the release notes and can’t find anything on this. Hopefully I use the right terminology here:

This is a common workflow I use:

  1. Record a 10 second audio to correct a mistake I made
  2. Drag, select and copy the audio
  3. Click in the other clip, on another track, and paste it in
  4. The existing audio to the right slides right and everything remains on one clip

Now, with 3.4, it inserts the copied data as a new “clip” on the same track, which complicates the workflow that follows. Is there a preference setting I need to change?


Not that I know of. The behaviour has been changed to not merge the pasted clip. I don’t know why it was changed.

In many cases you can just leave it as a separate clip, but if you really need to join the clips together:

  1. Extend the selection so that it includes the split lines
  2. Right click on the track
  3. Select “Join”.

Thanks. Don’t like it at all, but I can use the workaround.

Hi. I was just struggling with this as well. It’s a new music workflow feature which is great if you’re recording music. If you’re not, it does appear to add an additional step in the copy/paste process (not ideal). I haven’t found a way to disable it. Anyone else?


Yeah, I don’t like this either. It just creates another unnecessary step. Time is money, and this costs time.


I’m having the same issue and I hope there’s a way to change this in some hidden Preference. It’s a time-wasting mess since I’m often pasting small segments and occasionally need to overlap them. If someone finds a way to disable this, please let us know! In the meantime, I’m looking for a way to downgrade back to my previous version. Every time I upgrade Audacity, I regret it.


There isn’t.

Yeah. I just discovered this “new feature.” I am also not a fan.

I would be okay with it if it were an OPTION, but like the original poster, I do lots of in-line editing and am now ending up with dozens of clips that I need to JOIN. then, if I do a bit more editing, JOIN again, etc.

I hope an update makes this a feature than can be disabled for those of us who find it totally impractical for our workflow.


While it’s not a workaround or a fix, there is* a possibly-faster way to join two clips, which is simply to click on the line between them. (You have to (vertically) position the cursor correctly so that it shows the standard arrow rather than a left-right arrow, otherwise you are changing the length of one of the clips.)

It’s still not as fast as if they were pasted already-joined, but it’s better than the 3-step process, at least for a single join. Of course, the process Steve outlined is better for multiple joins at once.

* I don’t actually know if this functionality still exists in 3.4. I decided not to rush into "up"grading**, and from what I’ve read so far, I’m glad of that decision.

**Why is it that every time a software company announces an ‘upgrade’, they take away features that people use? Just because the developers don’t use the software a certain way doesn’t mean that many users don’t. I thought it was just big companies like Microsoft and Google, but Firefox has done it, and now Audacity is guilty of it as well.

Software developers need to think a lot harder before changing the User Experience. (And I’m saying that as someone who used to be a developer.) Maybe the experience should have been different in the first place, but it wasn’t and now users are used*** to the way things are.

*** Heh, ‘users are used’.

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This is costing me time when editing my voiceover files. Not a fan of this change at all.


This is a nasty little bug, in my opinion. I’m in the same boat as the others that are here; it takes a lot of extra time and is very cluttered to have loads of split clips. Do the devs see these posts, or can we submit the bug report in a better place?


I also have a big trouble with this “updated” feature, as I have a big project to edit asap. I’ll not bother you with details, just to make you know that you’re not alone here. This IS a big problem whatever the solutions offered above are. Frankly, as a workaround and after reading the posts above, the only effective solution for me was to revert to the previous version 3.3.


I’m guessing the issue I just posted about in another thread, where I select a whole clip and try to paste OVER it, and end up getting a bunch of blank space to the right, is an unexpected side effect of whatever ingenious move this is. They also seem to have taken out “click on a boundary to join clips” (deliberately or not), so joining the pasted section to its neighbours is no longer trivial. I’m grateful for the free thing, but still, grrr.

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This problem is disastrous. I’ve been using Audacity for 12 years but this is the bug that could drive me to another software. Is there anyone to complain to about this?


I really hope they fix the many issues here, such as the pasting om the same track issue and the metadata box on export and more and at least offer options for these new features instead of forcing them on.

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You can find all the old audacity installers here

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Can anyone advise on the “Extension Toggle for Chrome” prompt I get when I try to download the older version of Audacity? What exactly is happening here LOL?

No idea why you’re seeing that (I don’t see that, and I’ve not seen anyone else mentioning it).

I don’t think it has anything to do with downloading Audacity. Perhaps it’s an advert, or if the message actually says “Toggl” rather that “Toggle”, then perhaps you have installed this extension:

Have you tried downloading directly from Audacity Team’s Github repository?: Releases · audacity/audacity · GitHub

select join … or shortcut : ctrl+shift+F