Paste Insert needed

Hi All!

I’ve been using Audacity for years.
I don’t understand when they deprecate valuable tools from new versions of their program.

I really like the Paste Insert feature that was available up to version 2.1.3.
I believe and was hoping that someone can help me with a macro to add Paste Insert back into the version that I am using … 2.4.2.

Thank you for your help.

Nan Cohen

What do you mean by “paste insert” ?


That was under Edit below Paste.

It is where you can add a clip wherever you wish for it to go into your timeline.
It gets inserted without interfering with any other clip(s).

Thank you for your question.


I suspect you need to tun on the option for Editing a clip can move othe clips
in Tracks Behaviors preferences.

See: Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Manual

It used to be “on” by default - but for some reason that I can’t recall it got changed to be “off” by default.


Hi Peter,

Thank you.

In 2.1.3 there was a feature called Paste Insert under Edit.

I like Paste Insert, because:

a) You choose where you wish a clip to go into a timeline.

b) Then instead of clicking on Paste, you click on Paste Insert.

The clip you wanted is now on the timeline exactly where you want it to be.

I find that Paste Insert saves me so much time and effort.


Well now I’m totally puzzled - I just ran up the copy of 2.1.3 that I have and this is the Edit menu - I see no Paste Insert


It does not have Paste Insert as an option.

Earlier versions do.

I am looking for a Macro to insert Paste Insert into my current version of Audacity.


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