Paste audio at end of soundtrack

Hi there and thanks for the useful tool! :slight_smile:

In Audacity 1.26 when i wand to duplicate piece of sound i just paste anywhere in channel, and the new track joined automatic to end of previous track… now if i paste sound, that stay in place i paste it! :frowning:

Is that very difficult to me because i have to do that every time (copy + paste) about 40, 50 times and adjust manual the position start/end…

Look at screenshot what i mean.

Is there any way to do that in new 2.+ version, or i have to go back to 1.26 …?

Thanks, Demetris. :slight_smile:

The 2.0.behaviour is better for people who want to paste exactly where they put the cursor after the end of the audio. This then gives them a separate clip with a space between the previous end of the audio and the paste.

For what you want to do you can place the cursor anywhere after the end of the track, press K on your keyboard, then paste. K places the cursor at the current end of the track.

But why not paste that audio once then use Effect > Repeat (


And BTW note that your audio is clipping, you have an oversaturated (over-loud) signhal that is banging against the top and bottom of the waveform window at 1/-1 - you really need to choke it back a bit or it will sound horrible.


thank you very much mate! :smiley: you save me lot of time searching !

Thanks for the note waxcylinder. :slight_smile: I made it just for the example.