Painfully slow when pasting audio

Hi, I am using Audacity 3.2.5, any time I need to paste audio, no matter how short, the programme goes into ‘not responding’ mode, I need to wait ages until the paste is complete. It is really terrible, and never used to happen before. I have an old Lenovo Ideacentre desktop, running Windows 10. Can someone please help? Should I re-install an earlier version of Audacity and if so, which one, or should I do something different?

Yes - this will happen because of a new “feature” introduced in 3.2.0 that copies the ENTIRE length of a track when coping a small selection from one Audacity project to another. A solution to this “feature” is hoped to be introduced in 3.3.0 which is hoped for this month.

Until that time, a work-around is to first copy the small selection locally into a NEW track in the OLD project. Then Tracks > Mix And Render this NEW Track. Then Select this entire newly rendered small track and Paste it into your NEW project.

3.1.3 does not contain this “feature”.

Are you pasting into a different project?

If so, there is a fix for this in the upcoming Audacity 3.3.0 - where you get the option to past just the selection and not the whole full-blown “smart-clip”.


Thanks so much for helping to solve my problem! 3.1.3 for now is fine, much faster!

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