OpenVINO & Linux

I compiled Audacity with OpenVINO on Ubuntu 22.04 following this readme:

Everything seemed to be alright, but I get an error when I want to use it:

15:43:40: Error: In Noise Suppression Compilation, exception: Exception from src/inference/src/core.cpp:85:
Exception from src/inference/src/model_reader.cpp:137:
Unable to read the model: /usr/local/lib/openvino-models/noise-suppression-denseunet-ll-0001.xml

Following the readme no noise-suppression-denseunet-ll-0001.xml has been generated, and I can’t select anything else from within audacity (from effect/openvino ai effect/openvino noise suppression).

What am I missing?

I also found this question:

OpenVINO build for Ubuntu 22.04

and could have answered it, if this forum wouldn’t automatically close topics after 30 days (what seems ridiculously short)
My answer is: the whole thing (git-clones, audacity, openvino and openvino-models etc) is 11.2 GB

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Hi @minyves,

Ah, okay. Sorry about that… we’ve been refactoring that README with the instructions to pull models directly from hugging face, and elsewhere (like open model zoo in this case). Let me update the README that shows how/where to grab noise-suppression-denseunet-ll-0001.xml.

I’ll update this topic when I’ve updated the README, but in the meantime you can grab the two required files (the .xml / .bin) from here:

Download those, and drop them into the openvino-models folder.

As a side note, I’m currently working on integrating better quality & faster models (deepfilternet2 & deepfilternet3) into the project… should be merged next few days, so stay tuned.


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