OpenVINO build for Ubuntu 22.04

Anybody managed to compile and share one for Ubuntu 22.04? I installed through Flatpak, the instructions are a bit too much for me. Anything someone prepared for Ubuntu just like we have for Windows?

I am willing to try the compiling option, can someone tell me how much space it takes?

Building Audacity on Linux is fairly straightforward so long as you follow the build instructions to the letter. Total space required for setting up the build environment and building (vanilla) Audacity is probably around 1GB (and about half of that is for Conan). I’ve no idea how much space OpenVINO requires.

Hi, thanks @steve . I already have Audacity through Flatpak.

So not sure whether I need to build it again or stop where.

Check the instructions for building the OpenVINO module. I think it may need to be built at the same time as Audacity.

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