Opening files

Hi, I have two related issues with audacity 3.0 in 10.15.7:

Whenever I try to open any file from the finder, audacity doesn’t actually open it. I’d have to relaunch audacity every time. This bug wasn’t fixed, and happens in 2.4.2 as well (I kept a copy of the old one due to my next issue)

Now, audacity 3.0 pops up with an error almost every time I try to open a project file that I created prior to the update. I can still open these projects in the previous version, but they’ll give me an error. Why is that happening?

I like that 3.0’s project files are self contained. The old way took up way more space than necessary.


Works for me with AUP3 files on my Macbook Pro with 11.2.3 Big Sur

It doesn’t work for WAV, MP3, AAC or any audio files - but I don’t expect that to be the case as such files I deliberately do NOT have associated with Audacity.

You need to check the association you have for .aup3 files.


This also works for me on Big Sur 11.2.3 - I just retested it

Precisely what error message are you getting? A screenshot would be helpful.


Actually they take up almost the same amount of space the AUP3 is likely to slightly (but only very slightly) bigger than the AUP - it’s just that all the data is packed into a single database file now :
a) much easier to manage,
b) less prone to accidental damage,
c) easier to move, rename or send to others.