Opening AUP3 file crashes Audacity

3.4.1 continues to crash when opening old aup3 files. Can’t send crash log, fails to send.

"A .aup3 file that I have created in 3.3*, which I was able to open once in 3.40, has become an unopenable file if I close it as is without working on it. Even with 3.3*, the file is still unopenable (a frustrating experience).

In 3.41, it can no longer be opened even once. The report window opens, but I can’t send it. (The program crashes)."
I used translation software.

I guess it’s the same as I see… 3.4.1 crashing and causing problems on project files.

Hi, I’ve noticed a couple of problems with Audacity 3.4.1, one being a minor annoyance and the other being a major issue:

  1. If I click Solo on a track and then click Solo on another track (to switch between them), the initial Solo (or Solos if I click a third etc.) remains selected and I have to deselect them manually.

  2. I cannot open any .aup3 files created from July onwards. The Audacity app crashes with a Problem Report. I can’t send the report, so I’ve copied and pasted it into the attached .txt file.

As I said, the first problem is minor, but the second is a major issue as I use Audacity for a podcast and I often use audio from previous episodes, which is how I discovered the problem today.

TIA, Robert

AudacityExceptionCode0xc0000005.txt (157.5 KB)

Could you, by any chance, share the AUP3 project by attaching it to this thread? This might help us narrow down what is the conflict that makes Audacity crash?

@tallandtrue , Robert,

That’s because Muse changed the default setting for Solo button behavior from “Simple” to “Multi-track” where it behaves more like a mixing board.

To go back to the older behavior just go to Tracks Behaviors preferences ad reset the Solo button behavior to “Simple”.


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Since updating to 3.4.1 I’ve been getting a crash opening a multi-track .aup3 file I use regularly as a template for new projects (OSX 12.6.2, Apple M1 )

Downgrade to a pre 3.4 version no issues. (Crash attached)

Glad to send you the .aup3 file if you want.

aud_3.4.1_crash.txt (417.6 KB)

Looks like: 3.4.1 Crashes trying to open 3.3.3 .aup3 project · Issue #5568 · audacity/audacity · GitHub for which a fix has been developed and tested and which is expected to be included in the 3.4.2 release.

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Excellent! Can I get ahold of that to test?

Yes. I think this is it: Yet another attempt to correctly remove zero-length clips · vsverchinsky/audacity@1d5dea1 · GitHub

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the build that is most appropriate for your system. You may need to create a (free) login in github in order to download.

I have temporarily downgraded back to version 3.3.3. Most of my aup3 files are working again - except for a handful that I opened in v3.4.0 which seem to have somehow become corrupted by the process.

What is the likely timescale for the 3.4.2 release please and do think it will resolve all my issues?

Do you have a Ouija board ?

So I’m thinking the developers would want to release 3.4.2 in the week, but other thinks keep creeping in. Maybe early December? But the longer these things get delayed… just sayin’

Ha! Does the link I posted earlier resolve all of your issues ? If not, please advise, we’ll take a look at them one by one.

I have already shared an example of the files affected last week.
And my post discussing this has been closed pending the release of v3.4.2 so I assume that this version is intended to resolve the symptoms that I am experiencing?

See - I can't open old audacity projects since new update - #11 by jademan

Never update in the middle of a show or book. If 3.3.3 is working for you, stick there even after 3.4.2 issues.

Keep monitoring the forum for 3.4.2 errors and damage. After it seems stable, then upgrade.


Yes, but I need you to test and confirm that.

How to I install the pre-release version to test this please? And will this affect the v3.3.3 that I have installed?

So what I do, is locate the build/artifact most appropriate for my system. In my case, this is audacity-win-3.4.2-x64-msvc2022. I click on it to download it (you may need a free login for this to work). When the download completes, I open the Downloads folder and right-click on the .zip file and select “Extract All…” This creates a folder with the same name which I enter (possible another one nested inside), then I double-click on the Audacity.exe within that folder.

The only thing to be careful about is to make sure that Audacity is already running - in that case nothing of matter happens. Just to be sure, do Help > About Audacity.

BTW, here is the current 3.4.2-beta candidate: Set project tempo on tracks in import · audacity/audacity@0a382ce · GitHub - there will be others (each candidate is given the name of the most recent patch).

This operation does not interfere with my regular Audacity operations - except as noted - when you first start it up, do Help > About Audacity just to confirm you are running the correct version.

OK thanks
I will give that a try in the next few days

We just released 3.4.2, this should be fixed now.