Only can hear from right side of headphones

I’ve been struggle to figure this out for a few days now and need help ASAP!!

When I record I can only hear out of the right side of my headphones, but when I play back I can hear it normal.

Audio technica 2020 headphones and mic
U-phoria umc202hd
Dell Inspiron 7386

I think channel 1 goes to the left and channel 2 goes to the right. I looked at the user manual online and as far as I can tell there’s no way to change that. You can record in mono, but that’s a software setting that doesn’t affect direct-monitoring. (Some of the other similar Behringer interfaces have a stereo/mono monitor switch.)

If you record in true-mono the file will play back through both channels so I assume that’s what you’re doing.

You’d probably have to make a special cable adapter or assemble a series of adapters to feed the mono signal into both ears.

The UM2 is a a native mono device and they provide a mono-mix to your headphones. Your adapter is native stereo and I’m not shocked they shove one microphone to left or right. If you make the sound into mono later, then yes, it will appear on both sides.

You should be able to shift Left and Right by moving the XLR plug.

There’s way to fake that in adapter cables, See DVDDoug.

I’ve seen tiny adapters that should do that. Mono Male Tip Sleeve to Stereo Female Ring/Tip/Sleeve.


How do I make special cable or adapter? Sorry, I don’t know much about podcast equipment, so if you could tell me specifically what I need to buy or do or even provide a link, that would be helpful.

Thank you

I’m guessing that you’re using one mic, plugged into channel 1 of the U-phoria umc202hd, you’re recording in mono, and you have your headphones the wrong way round (left headphone on right ear and vice versa). Am I right?

All of the info you’re asking about is correct. But I don’t think it’s matters which way I use the headphones because I still wouldn’t be able to hear out of the opposite ear.

It only matters in so far as working out what is happening and why. From that, we can decide what, if anything, to do about it.

The behaviour that I described in my previous post is the “correct” behaviour for your set-up.

If you are able to solder and can make up an adaptor lead, then you could make a stereo to mono headphone adaptor. What you will need is:
1 x Stereo Jack plug (to plug into the umc202)
1 x Stereo Jack socket (to plug your headphones into)
A short length of headphone (or microphone) cable.

The easiest way to do this is if you can find a stereo jack to stereo socket adaptor lead which has either a plug or socket that can be taken apart. You would then just need to short out the “tip” to the “ring” in either the plug or the socket.

I already have those. I tried to attach a pic but it says it too big :cry: .


There it is. I knew they made these. This is the 1/8" version. Stereo headphones to a mono source. Only works with the Left connection.


And the 3.5mm version


The thing I don’t like about those adaptors, is that they short out one channel of the headphone amplifier, which “could” damage that channel of the headphone amp.

Unfortunately none of those things worked. I’ve been dealing with this for a month. I know this is a long shot, but is there anyone I can call and speak to? I met with a guy who knows a lot about podcast and different equipment and he could t figure it out.

OK, let’s try this “mess”:

[u]This adapter[/u] to split-out the left & right to RCA jacks. These are fairly common and you can also find cable versions.

Connect the working output to an [u]RCA Y-Adapter[/u] to get 2 connections. These are also easy to find. (Leave the dead-output from the 1st adapter unconnected.)

Last in the chain, [u]This adapter[/u] to connect the headphones. These are not as easy to find.

There are other ways to do it, and of course the trick is to get separate left & right connectors.

If you knew how to solder you could build a simpler adapter cable (with a 1/4-inch male on one end and a 1/4-inch female on the other end) to do the same thing but I don’t think you can buy it.

Another option would be to get a little mixer. Mixers generally have a pan pot so you can pan to the center. You could run the mixer-output into the interface (and plug your headphones into the mixer). Or for about the same price as an “analog” mixer you could get a mixer with USB and you wouldn’t need the interface.