OGG file how to

I reinstalled my PC, installed Audacity 2.3.3, I have an audio from WhatsApp in OGG. It can’t load nor import.

Audacity manual says OGG files are supported out of the box. Even tried to download the FFMPEG thing and wherever I clicked I couldn’t find how to download it at all.
I checked the manual page (Audacity preferences takes me there when I click on “Download”), I checked the forum (got there from Google search), I checked the plugins sections… There seems that there is no download link anywhere.
At this point I don’t know if Audacity supports OGG out of box or not and why is it so hard to download a plugin this time since on my previous machine I was able to open OGG files and I don’t remember it being anywhere near so hard to setup at all.

I just wanted to normalize a low volume voice message… D-:
Also on the wiki it says there are other tools better for normalization but they only cut audio, not normalization.

AUDACITY loads and imports OGG files by default. I think your OGG-file has a problem. I maybe damaged or has a wrong meta information. To find out what happened try this:

  1. Find a online file converter page. Send them your OGG-file and convert it to a WAV. Here is a ONLINE-CONVERTER: https://audio.online-convert.com/convert/ogg-to-wav

  2. Download a 100% working OGG file and try to open it with AUDACITY. If this works, you know that your OGG-file is damaged. Here is a sample: https://file-examples.com/index.php/sample-audio-files/sample-ogg-download/

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