Not sure if audacity is recording

Hope I’m in the right spot. If not. I apologize. I’m new. I bought a little cassette deck from WorldStart. Ad said I could use it to copy my cassettes to my computer and to CDs and MP3s It came with a small disk, and when I ran it it installed Audacity on my computer. Tried to record a cassette. Thought it was working great.Got the thick red bars, and the purple sqiggly (lack of a better word) lines so i figured it was recording. But I can’t tell because I can’t find where it recorded to. So I can listen to it. I did go to FAQ first. As was suggested. But it only talked about using line in/ line out. I know how to do that I did it in the past using a Y-Wire. This deck hooks up using a usb cable. I can’t figure it out. Heck I can listen to my cassettes with it. But I have to plug earphones into it. I cant even listen to it through my computer speakers. Thanks in advance for any help

Have a llok at this tutorial from the manual:

It’s part if this set of tutorilas which you may also find useful:


Tried following instructions for setting up a turn table to record. Figured the set up would be the same as for my Tape Deck. Right clicking the speaker icon was okay. Right clicking on recording devices was okay. But,It brought me to a pop up menu on the other side of the screen It had microphone array with 2-USB audio controller directly under it and Default device directly under it. They are both shaded out. In other words it didn’t stick to the steps the instructions wanted me to follow. There were places I was supposed to click on that weren’t even there. I know I must have mis-clicked somewhere. Don’t know how but I did run across, something that said USB recording device is working properly(paraphrase) Does that mean I’m on the right track. If I do get it to record. Where will I find the recordings? Thanks again for your help.