Not recording laughter, clapping or clicking


I am a woman, and whenever I record myself, although speech picks up fine, as soon as I laugh the audio cuts out.

Clapping and clicking also do not record, which may be caused by the same underlying thing. I’m not sure if it is the high pitch, or if it isn’t recording anything that isn’t speech.

I have switched 3 microphones, and also when recording through the Game Bar on my computer, that has no problem picking up my laughter. So I think it is only a problem for Audacity.

Does anyone know what settings may be affecting this and how I could try fixing it?

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

Also make sure Audacity is the only program running. Close all your known applications and restart the machine.

In extreme, disconnect your network. If you do, pay attention to error messages complaining about disconnecting your network.

There’s a list of computer-y things that can interfere with live, ordinary voice recording. That’s why I recommend not recording on the computer. Stand-alone sound recorders and even your phone can do a very nice job.

If you use your phone, make sure your iPhone Voice Memo (for example) is set for “LossLess” quality and you can transfer the work to your computer for editing.

Other phones may have other settings.

I recorded that on an iPhone in my quiet, echo-free office. I mastered it and it passes audiobook quality tests.


Whch Audacity? 2.4.2 and 3.4.2 work reasonably well, but the newer 3.5 can have odd problems. If you’re experiencing problems with 3.5 and have to get work out the door, you can back up to 3.4.2.

3.4.2 will not fix 3.5 damaged sound files or projects.