Not able to record at beginning of track???

Been using audacity forever. My old laptop crapped out on me so I got a new one and downloaded the most recent version of audacity. I flew in a track in order to lay some bass lines over it, and for some reason when I push record I start at the end of the track -No matter how many times i go back to the beginning, every time I push record it starts recording at the end of the track…Get what I’m saying??

never had this problem before…



Audacity used to record to a new track by default, and “Shift + Record button” (or “Shift + R”) to record to the same track (“append record”).
That has been reversed (in response to user feedback), so now to record to a new track it is “Shift + Record button” (or “Shift + R”).

Thank you SOO MUCH! It worked! Now there is another problem:

The first track I record (over top the track I flew in…) is fine, but each subsequent track is muted… And further more, there is a problem with latency on those tracks as well…

Anybody explain??

Which operating system?
It sounds to me like your computer is busy doing something else (or for some other reason has very low performance). Check that your computer is fully updated and background maintenance tasks (such as disk optimization) are all up to date.

Windows 10

-Will go to the shop today and check it in, then I’ll get back to ya! It is an older Dell, so yeah…

Thank you soo much for the swift and concise responses!!


Windows 10 can become extremely sluggish while it is doing an update in the background. I try to avoid this by manually forcing an update at a time that is convenient. Note that Microsoft expect you to leave the computer on overnight so that Windows can do its updating and maintenance work while you sleep.

And while you can’t see what they are doing :nerd: