Noise Gate Punch

Instead of removing gated noise or sound, switch to a preset sound such as room tone. And don’t just switch. Use the fade-in and fade-out Punch tricks.


I see the allure. It would make it very easy to pass ACX automated testing even with the most dreadful quality voice recording.

make it very easy to pass ACX automated testing

Making Human Quality Control even more important.


This is of personal interest since breathing noises are what killed my chances of fame and fortune…and a vacation cottage on the California Coast.

Given I won’t be traveling to Majorca any time soon.


Sounds like a combination of gating and noise reduction.
– Bill

noise reduction.

It might. But Noise Reduction is helpless against noises that move such as breathing and gasping. Plus those two would still leave a hole, not a smooth transition through a performance.


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