breath removal

Hello, always recording between each sentence I make a breath that shows a lot … I would like to know if there is any option to eliminate them, first I think there is an option that is “automatic click eliminator” in audacity is there something similar?

There is a way to improve the sound, but it’s not automatic.

Audacity has a new tool called Punch Copy/Paste.

You need a copy of clean background sound—room sound or Room Tone without breathing. Then drag-select the breath sound from the show and punch clean background sound over it.

Do that for every breath.

I ran into this because I have noisy breathing (gasp) during (gasp) announcing.


I see this is an older thread, but I have been looking for an easier way to remove breathing on podcasts and webinars that I edit.

Today I came a cross a plugin, “DeBreath”, at The Legacy Version 9 has a 32 bit plugin that seems to do a good job at breath removal.

They have a 7 day free trial for V11, which allows V9 to run as well. But right now, the plugin is $25.91 after taking advantage of their sale and their coupon code “CREATIVE40”.

Once you buy the license for V11, it applies to the Legacy V9 as well. The link to the current version, V11, is


I have found that the v10 version works with Audacity 2.3.3 and is super helpful for the way I gasp between long sentences. This thing is going to save me HOURS of manual editing and punch-pasting.
I can’t install a pre-release version on my production machine. I can’t risk the rebuild time if it breaks something.
Does anyone know if either v10 or v11 of Waves DeBreath works in the new version of Audacity?


I don’t know about V10 and V11. But according to what I heard from Waves, the V10 and V11 are 64 bit versions and so I think they would not work on the Windows version of Audacity as that is a 32 bit version. Are you using a Mac or a PC?



To the poster… I am sure you have already solved this issue but I am leaving this here for anyone else…so they don’t feel the need to throw a computer because they might not be crazy tech savvy and like me and it might have taken days to get his so…

OK So I finally figured out how to get the Waves DeBreath plug-in to work with Audacity 2.x.x… If you have purchased any of the Versions of Waves DeBreath from 10-12 you will need download Waves central and then head here to select the Legacy file V9.92 then follow the instructions in this YouTube Video
V9.92 is a very big file and it take a hot min to download and unzip but after that it is so simple I may have been more frustrated that it took me this long to figure the dang thing out!!! :smiley:
To all non tech savvy folk like me that are just trying to record some audio books and have poor breathing habits… I hope this helps
It is totally worth the giant headache that I got figuring this out just to easily remove my gross breathing sounds!