No sound when recording from turntable[SOLVED]

Hello I am a new user I got this with a new turntable. I followed all the instructions in hooking things up loaded the program from the cd and nothing the program is there but I get no sound through the speakers. I tried the fix things in the manual went to the web site and downloaded the latest version and installed that and still no sound. I tried the things suggested on line and lost all sound luckly I was able to get it back but still the program does not work. need help.

I’m guessing that you are using a USB turntable, right?

If so the you need to make sure that the output is set to be your PC’s speakers - most USB devices want to send the playback back to the USB device (anf the TT does,'t have speakers). The documentation from the TT manufacturers is frequently wrong - you will be better off with the Audacity Manual

See this tutorials:

It is part of this set:

This FAQ relates to the problem:


Sorry none of this helped still no sound when I play a record.

The more and higher quality information you give, the better chance we have of helping you.

Is it a USB turntable or not? If it is, unplug it from the computer. Then you will have sound in Windows. When you reconnect the turntable to make another recording, restart Audacity if it is already running.

Whatever turntable it is, to get playback sound in Audacity, look in Device Toolbar and set the second (playback) box to speakers or whatever device you are using for computer playback.

If you can’t hear the records while you are recording, click the “Transport” menu top of the Audacity window, then in that menu, click on “Software Playthrough”.


I tried the “transport” trick and nothing’s changed. I can only hear the music with the USB cable unplugged in playback mode, not when I’m recording.

Never mind, thank you. I figured out the problem and it works fine now.