No Export Option Available


I’ve just gotten a new computer. Downloaded and installed the most recent version of Audacity and the LAME encoder but still have no export option available.

I have used Audacity for years to record vinyl for my weekly online radio program. I cannot use any new albums on the show until I get this sorted.

My turntable connects to a mixer which connects to the soundcard via the Line In jack. I can hear the record and I believe I can record it as well, I just can’t export it to .MP3, which does me no good.

There are NO export options available when I click on the File menu.

Any ideas? I need to find a way to record my albums.

I have included a screenshot to show what appears when I pull down the File menu.
audacity 1.jpg

Save Other.


THANK YOU. Now I see it. Simple solution (yes, i feel stupid).

No you’re not stupid - you are one of the smarter folk who knows you have to export non-native data like audio files. :sunglasses:

We moved the Exports being the “Save Other” as so many folk kept trying to “Save” audio files :nerd:

The only thing you can “Save” with Audacity is an Audacity Project (native data).


Of course, this just buries the export menu one level deeper, which is a big no-no for me.

Any way to reset to the previous version’s menu? Apart from going back to the old version.

Any way to customize menus?

Sorry no, old menus means old version - and not getting the other nice 2.2.0 improvements like themes and MIDI playback

Only if you modify the source code yourself and rebuild.

Though customizable menus is something the developers are thinking about - don’t hold your breath though (they are few in number and part time volunteers)

The best workaround is to use the keyboard shortcuts:

a) Ctrl + Shift + E for Export Audio

B) Ctrl + Shift + L for Export Multiple

You can assign your own shortcuts to the Exports to particular formats WAV, MP3 and OGG if required - and you can make single key shortcuts for the existing two.