no audio seen by new version regardless of input

I am running 10.14.1 Mojave and just installed the latest version of audacity for mac. On my windows machine running W10, I can record through my sound card and get audio from streaming video on you tube, etc. but with the mac, I get nothing. I don’t want to use the microphone for obvious reasons (although it does register input) and when I try to use soundflower 2 ch, I get the same result, no sound acknowledgment on the meters. Isn’t there an easy way for audacity to “see” audio from the internal sound similar to what I have in windows? Any advice is appreciated.

Soundflower isn’t supported in High Sierra or Mojave.


OK, so I followed the directions and got the replacement for soundflower up and running. I have sound and I can hear it and it registers in audacity! So I went to export as an m4a file and I’m told that I don’t have the right dylib file to enable the export. I’ve searched throughout my HD for the file in question and for the folder that has FFmpeg - no dice. I’ve reinstalled the software and used the zip instead of the first link - no difference. Thoughts?