New user - iTunes question

I am trying to upload old records into my iTunes library. I can get them into an audacity format: however, I don’t know how to get them into iTunes.

There’s no direct connection. While the song is an Audacity Project, File > Export > WAV (microsoft).

After you get the external WAV file, right-click > Open With > iTunes.

In iTunes Preferences, there is a setting for “CD Importing.” That’s really iTunes format conversion tool. Pick the eventual format you want (MP3, AIFF). Right click on the iTunes song and one of the options should be “Convert to MP3 (or whatever you picked)??” Say yes. or leave the song in WAV – don’t convert it to anything.

You can convert and export the song in Audacity, but the MP3 converter in iTunes is supposed to be better. Who knows? Some people swear that’s true. I’ve never compared them.


This workflow tutorial from the manual should help you: