New to Podcasting

Hello everyone, please be patient, I think I’m posting in the correct place. I am new to Audacity and Podcasting, we are a small group of 3 two of us are using snowball mics and the third a generic studio mic, we are trying our hand at making a model making podcast, my main problem is that no matter what I try my voice is always crystal clear while colleagues are always very distant and quiet, as we already have five shows recorded how can I increase the volume just on those and secondly moving forward what are the best settings for future recordings.

For your help i run;
Windows 10
Audacity v2.3.1
HP Laptop
core i5 8th Gen
Snowball Blue Mic
No filters
Recording settings as you see on the screen shot
A sample has also been attached, there is a third person whose voice is also as low as the Americans. Only my
voice sounds clearer.
Many thanks for any help anyone can offer, be aware though I’m not a pro and very new to it all so please make all advice idiot proof for me !! :wink: :laughing:



Screenshot (3).png

Try the LevelSpeech2.ny plugin.

we already have five shows recorded

How did you make it through five shows before you found out it was broken?

Were you all in one room?

Try the LevelSpeech2.ny plugin.

Can we assume you have the other voices as individual sound files?

If not, then the correction gymnastics may have trouble catching up.