New plug-in: Stereo Echo

I was wanting to use a stereo echo effect (different delay times on left and right channels) but was quite surprised that there didn’t appear to be one. So I made one.

If you wish to try this effect, please bookmark this page so that you can post comments/feedback in this thread.

Old version:
StereoEcho.ny (1.1 KB)
New version: StereoEcho.ny

New version with improved error checking.

It really is incredible that there has been over a hundred downloads of the original version of this plug-in and not a single comment.
I assume that people like these plug-ins or they wouldn’t continue to download them.
User feedback is essential for designers of any sort of software as it enables them to develop the software in the way that is most useful to those that use the software. It is also a great encouragement for developers to hear that their work is being used. If you use any of the plug-ins that you download from either this forum or the Audacity wiki, please provide feedback for the developers.

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StereoEcho.ny (2.36 KB)

I assume that people like these plug-ins or they wouldn’t continue to download them.

Wrong assumption.

This Person downloaded the plugin once in the heat of production battle meaning to go back later and leave comments if there’s time. This single cycle happened with hundreds of people.

Developers are the only people who leave comments. So what you’re saying is no developer ever downloaded the plugin.


I take your point Koz, though what you say can only be an assumption (as was my comment). We have no way of knowing if no-one comments.

Thanks very much for the comment Koz, I no longer feel alone in the universe :smiley:

In my experience the typical response rate is approximately 1 comment (e.g. thanks/feedback) per 1000 downloads.
That’s just the way the people generally behave on t’internet. :cry:

I have been doing stereo echo by splitting the stereo track and applying different echos on each splitted track. This plugin will save me heaps of time, and maybe even give me a preview before applying. I also use your Limiter plugin regularly.

Hooray :smiley:
Thank you very much for the feedback jimijack100.

Unfortunately Nyquist plug-ins are not (yet) able to do “Preview” in the way that the built-in effects can, but you can easily apply the effect to a short selection, and if you like the settings then it’s just a quick Ctrl+Z to undo the effect, then select the entire track (or however much you want to process), then Ctrl+R to repeat the last effect.

amazing plug in,i plan to use this on many projects!.

You want comments? Okay. Your plugin crashed my Audacity.

Thanks for posting.

So that I can look into this, could you provide more detail.
What settings were you using?
Is the problem repeatable?
One or more tracks?
Mono tracks or stereo tracks?
How long was the selection that you were processing?
Did Audacity crash immediately, or did it crash after processing for a while?
How much RAM does your computer have?
What operating system are you using?
Anything else that will help me to reproduce the problem?