New owner of a cassette to MP3 file converter, need help!!!

I recently acquired a converter to convert all of my old tapes to MP3 format. However, I seem to be having trouble getting to produce volume!! It seems as though the song(s) recorded yet during playback there is NO noice!! Please help!!

You didn’t give us much info and we can’t guess…

Start by telling us which audacity version you have (you can check it from Help menu → About), which operating system, what equipment you have and how do you connect it to the computer (and is it a laptop or desktop computer).

What steps are you following to record?

This set of tutorials from the 1.3 manual may help you:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD

Particularly this one:
Although the link states USB Turntables it also applies to USB tape devices too.

Once you have made a recording you can always adjust the volume level by using Audacity’s Amplify effect.