New Export Dialog feature request

Audacity 3.4.2 for Mac.

The new export dialog is great but now creates more work for me (clicks). I use Audacity every week to record seminars. I export each edited file to two different locations with different settings. I wonder if I might make some suggestions for future features.

Export Dialog

  1. On the Mac, OS 14.1.2, while editing the File Name: field, in previous versions of Audacity, I used to be able to click on any file name in the finder and it would copy that name into the File Name field in the Export Dialog. This no longer happens which means I now have to type the entire name manually. This feature has been available in the Mac OS for as long as I can remember. Will Audacity bring back this capability in the future?

  2. It would be good if the entire Folder: (path) field could be viewed without having to click into it and scroll all the way to the right to make sure it is correct.

  3. It would be very helpful to have the ability to save an export preset that would include all of the options as well as locations.

1 and 2 have technical limitations; click the “browse” button to bring up the finder and see if you’re in the right name and place…

3 is something that’s on the to-do list, though not with a high priority

@LWinterberg is that something that will be done by enabling the Export in Macros to have settable/editable parameters?