new computer

I just upgraded to a new, faster computer (from Windows 7 to Windows 10).
When i press record, it always used to create a new track and begin at the cursor.
Now, it is appending the recording to the end of an existing track.
Also, when i press record, the other tracks do NOT play.

And you upgraded to a newer version of Audacity I’m guessing.

We swapped it around so that
a) unmodified Record - records on the same track
b) Shift+Record - records on a new track.

It used to be the other way around - if you want to revert to the old way just go to Recording Preferences and check “on” Record on a new track, which is “off” by default.


Also there check “on” Play other tracks while recording (overdub)


Thank you so very much, Peter. That’s what i needed. That fixed the “RECORD” button.
And the “R” keyboard shortcut can be reset in EDIT / PREFERENCES / KEYBOARD.

Is there a way i can auto-receive an email, when my question is answered? Your response did not generate an autoemail. I only noticed it when returning to the Forum. OK, I see, check the box at the bottom which says, “NOTIFY ME WHEN A REPLY IS POSTED.”

Thanks again, Peter. For some odd reason, the problem described above reoccurred. I had misplaced your previous response and could not recall the steps you outlined.
Fortunately, the earlier thread on the Audacity Forum was still available, and I was able to retrace the steps as you previously had instructed alleviating the problem.
Perhaps there are users out there who prefer to begin a new recording at the conclusion of the previous session and on the same track. I would NEVER wish to do that. Instead, I always place the cursor at the desired “punch in” location and record to a new track. My vote would be to make that the default.