New bug in 3.4.1. Had to revert to 3.4.0

Macro worked in 3.4.0 and earlier. Throws error in 3.4.1.
‘Filter Curve EQ’
In the Macro Manager I used to be able to select several files and run the MACRO. In 3.4.1 the use of ‘Filter Curve EQ’ throws an error. Before 3.4.1 the MACRO ran through all files with no problem. In 3.4.1 I manually import the file and in the Macro Manager I can run the MACRO on the ‘Project’ and it runs perfectly.

Whe I test on w10 it fails on 3.4.0 too - but seems to work fine on 3.3.3 so this looks like a regression bug.

I built a simple macro with just Filter Curve EQ in it and when I run it on 3.4.1 (and the latest beta test build I have for the impending 3.4.2 maintenance release) I get this error message:

I will try to find some time to log this issue later today.

Thanks for the report.



Logged as:
EQ in a macro fails when applied to files #5604

many thanks for the report - good catch :sunglasses:



This has been fixed for the upcoming 3.4.2

I have just tested with the latest Beta build fir the 3.4.2 release


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