New (award-winning) free chorus-delay-equaliser VST plugin

New (award-winning) free chorus-delay-equaliser VST plugin , called “Multiply” from Acon …

Here it is working in Audacity 2.0.6
Acon free ''Multiply'' VST.gif

Handy to have chorus & delay & equaliser all in-in-one*, and free , (only Windows and Mac ).

[ * click on the little orange boxes on the GUI to enable/disable the effects ].

As for the efficacy and value-for-money of Acon’s other plugins , (each costing $99), IMO the company name is apt.

You can hear a demo of Acon’s “multiply” plugin on YouTube …

NB: the equalization shown on the plugin is only applied to the effected “wet” signal,
if you just want this plugin to act as an equalizer on the dry signal you have to turn both the “depth” controls and the “delay” to zero, and disable the “dry level” slider.