Need help about EQUALIZER!

I like recording my voice in my phone and making covers of some songs. My problem is I want to get the equalizer settings including the reverb just like the settings in Android Phones… In music player of Android Phones, there’s “Sound Effect” settings and that’s the equalizer and there’s plate reverb at the bottom. At first I want to get the settings just like the one on the iOS Application “The Voice:On Stage”. The equalizer and reverb there was perfect. Anyone can help me? :frowning: Plss thanks. So that I can make good quality music. I’ll post my soundcloud account here so you can listen in some of my tracks. Thanks again and I hope you can help me guys. :slight_smile:

Audacity has an equalization effect ( and a reverb effect ( They are separate effects. You will get a slightly different overall effect depending on which you apply first - experiment to find the effect that you like best.
Other reverb effects are available as plugins (

For a detailed overview of effects in Audacity, see here in the manual:

There is a nice new free reverb plugin by Acon called “Multiply” , see … New (award-winning) free chorus-delay-equaliser VST plugin

Antress “spacer” reverb plugin has several “plate” settings …
Antress modern spacer [free] reverb plugin has 3 ''plate'' pre-sets .gif

That’s what I’m using steve and that’s helpful. Thanks! But I’m not contented and I want it like the equalizer in android phone.

Trebor, I’ll give it a shot. I hope that’s what I’m looking. :slight_smile:

Thank’s everyone. :slight_smile:

Now that I downloaded it and installed, how can I open it? I installed it in the plug in folder in audacity. Can’t find it in the effect menu.

Oh sorry for my last post. I already found it. You need to rescan the effects in preference tab. Im really sorry again for my last post. :frowning: Thanks :slight_smile: