New Audio Clips in Same Audio Track Created When Cutting, Copying, & Pasting

Prior to your 3.4.0 update, I was able to cut, copy, & paste audio in the same audio WITHOUT creating a new clip for each time I pasted any audio in the track. And each time I had to cut, copy, & paste some times, which usually exceeded 50 or more (sometimes as much as a 100 or 150) audio clips within the same track, I could do so without any trouble. And it was fast and efficient. I didn’t have to join any clips together within the same audio track.

And now, after the 3.4.0 and its subsequent 3.4.1 update, when I cut, copy, & paste audio in the same track now, Audacity creates a new audio clip of whatever it is that I pasted. This is annoying and unnecessarily time consuming.

The only options I have now are these: I can continue to cut, copy, & paste the audio needed or wanted into the same audio track, and join all the tracks together each time I paste something, or I can cut, copy, & paste everything and end up join over 50 or more (sometimes over 100), then select the entire audio and join all clips at once. Unfortunately, both options or methods usually results in Audacity lagging as it has to continually back up, process each action, record it in its history files, etc. While processing all the clip creations and joins, Audacity stops responding for several minutes (sometimes 20 minutes or more) or it crashes and cannot make its back up files, causing me to have to restart Audacity and recover the file from the snapshot it had made. This is both annoying, inefficient, and especially unnecessary.

I have a suggestion:

For those users who like the new way that creates a new clip whenever they cut, copy, & paste audio in the same track, keep it like it is.

My suggestion is for users, like myself, who don’t want to have to constantly join clips together in one track to the point when it crashes Audacity, give us the option (maybe in Preferences) to cut, copy, & paste without creating a new audio clip in the same track each time something is pasted.

I hope you will consider this and make the change in an upcoming update. Other than that, I consider Audacity the best sound editor available, and one excellent reason for that is its cost----which is $00.00 - Zero – Nothing – Bupkis!

Thanks from a very loyal Audacity user who’s been using it since it’s conception eons ago.

Socrates Rook

This gets fixed in the impending 3.4.2 maintenance release.

Muse have added an option/preference to control this - default is no extra clips created, just a simple paste.