Need to Add New Beat Detection Technology and

Hello Developers,
I am using Windows 10 ( also sometimes Widows 8 and 8.1).

This is regarding the need to update or introduce a new beat detection tech.

I sometimes use an open-source DJ software named Mixxx ( ) and it is having an amazing beat-detection technology.

DJs need to make samplers for music and that beat-detection is highly important but Mixxx doesn’t have the tech to edit the music!

So, I would be glad if the developers can develop something in audacity which can detect beat like that software.
Indeed it would be a great help.

The software named Mixxx is an opensource software available at and also at Github.

I need to make samplers(for DJ) in audacity using that tech as the present one is regrettably not helpful at all.

As the software(Mixxx) is open-source you can also get some idea from that for Audacity

So please get some idea for Audacity from that software and add please the feature(s).

Kind regards


Have you tried Chris Cannam’s Queen Mary Vamp plug-ins ?

On this page:
search for “Queen Mary plugin set”

In that set there are 4 types of bar&beat tracker