Need Help with my Voiceover Audio


I have recorded a voiceover to add to a Youtube video that I’m making. I’ve removed the background noise, normalised it, and have boosted the bass and treble slightly. My problem is that the actual audio sounds pretty bad, especially with the strong “S’s” throughout. Is there any way for me to improve this voiceover or will I just have to rerecord it all?

A copy of the audio: [link removed]

This is my first time posting here so I apologise if I haven’t formatted this correctly. I’d appreciate any help any of you could give me!

I guess for the first level, this is a family forum and the clip is very much R rated.

Do you have any of that raw, before you did anything to it? We can’t take effects out of a clip and once you do anything wrong, that’s the way it is forever since applying multiple layers of corrections is not recommended and usually just doesn’t work.

You can also cut a clean forum test clip and post that. 20 seconds mono.



It’s not unusual for stiff application of Noise Reduction to make that crisp problem worse. We won’t know any of that until you post a clean sample.


Strong "S’s, (excess sibilance), can be treated with De-Esser plugins.

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