Piercing "S" sounds

Hi, quick question if I may. Am using Audacity 2.1.3 windows 10. After editing I’m finding that when people pronounce the S sound it’s a little piercing. Which setting do I need to reduce?


You need a de-esser plugin. SpitFish is free & simple to use. (Other de-esser plugins are available).
Paul-L’s DeEsser is capable of more precision than SpitFish, but has more complicated controls.

Thanks but it doesn’t need de-essing before I edit, so it’s one of my settings which is bringing it out. I need to isolate it and turn it down.

one of my settings which is bringing it out.

Very high noise reduction settings can do that.

If you’re in Audacity 2.2.2, what were the three Noise Reduction settings? (assuming that’s it).


This tool used to be called Noise Removal. It got changed when too many people expected it to actually Remove Noise. It will, however reduce noise.


My settings:

hard limiter-0.5
normalize – -0.1
compressor -20db

OK, that was the low-hanging fruit.

Hard limiter can produce some evil sounds. It basically hacks off sibilant peaks with a machete. That’s not graceful and it doesn’t sound very good.

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I need to leave for a while.


Compression can bring out sibilance, (it makes quiet sounds relatively louder).
My workflow is de-ess after compression.

Thanks, how do i go about de-essing after compressing?

A De-esser plugin is the easiest way

Thanks, where do i get a de-esser plug in


There’s more than one possibility.