Need disable the play head automatically play when click to timeline

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How to disable the play head automatically play when click to timeline?
It is really annoyed when the play head always play when we click to timeline.
We need disable this function of play head, only we click play button or spacebar the play head will play. We need when we click to timeline the play head will move to the cursor but not play.
Who know the email of Audacity to feedback this one?

Thank you!

Old Audacity version (3.0.5) permitted disabling the QuickPlay feature …

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I have added a link to your request her in the GitHub discussion thread.

But it begs the question: why do you need to click and release in the Timeline anyway?

With 3 1.0 Muse changed the UI for looping such that a click and drag in the Timeline created a looping region. This meant they also changed the Timeline’s right-click context menu to add the new looping commands - but in so doing they somehow “lost” the ability to turn off the Timeline Quick-Play (removing the Enable Quick-Play from the context menu, meaning that it is now always on). I always assumed this was just an oversight, but Muse do not seem to see it as important to add back this ability to turn it off.


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What exactly are you trying to do? Do you just want to place the cursor at a certain point in the track? You can do that by clicking into a track, not the timeline ruler.


Yes, I just want to place the cursor at a certain point in the track, only play when click play button.

Than as @LWinterberg said earlier just click in the waveform and NOT the Timeline. Clicking in the waveform will extend the sekction black line into the Timeline to add accurate placement.

Alternatively, if you know the exact time you want to start at just type it in the selection toolbar:


With version Audacity 3.4.2
-Click and drag in the timeline created a looping region is not a good idea because we don’t see exactly the position of beginning and ending of looping region on the track when we drag. We should remove this function.
To make looping region exactly we can do like this:
+Click and drag on the track to have selection region.
+Right click on this region and click to ‘Set loop to selection’. Current version, we don’t see option ‘Set loop to selection’ when right click on selection region on the track. Please add it.
-About timeline bar and play head, i propose improve like this:
+Please disable Quick-play function.
+When we move mouse cursor on the timeline bar, there is a thin white vertical line appears through the whole tracks, this white line is very important to see/specify the point we want to draw/put the marker line on the track. When we do left-click on timeline bar, we will mark/drop a vertical line on the track, similar we click on the track. Click and drag on timeline similar click and drag on the track, we will have a selection region.
+When we click play button, the play head will appear and run as normal. If we click one more time on timeline bar or somewhere on the track, the play head will stop and disappear, the rest items have no change. Similar for click stop button or space bar on the keyboard.


Set Loop to Selection is in the Timeline context menu and NOT the track context menu (as it’s the timeline that controls looping):



We should remove click and drag for looping on timeline bar and add ‘Set loop to selection’ in the menu when right click on selection region on the track.

In attached photo, you can see when we move cursor (1) on the timeline bar, the white line (2) appears at the tip of cursor and lie on whole track, when we move cursor left or right the white line will move left or right too, this feature is very important for us detect and fine tune position of white line. If we want to mark position at the white line we will click on the timeline bar, this is the best way to mark white line on the track, but current version of Audacity we can not do this.
Please improve as i mentioned.

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