Muting Separate Audio Segments

Is it possible to mute a separate audio segment on a track instead of muting the entire track?

If you want to permanently mute a section, you can just select it, then “Ctrl + L” (Silence Audio).

Or you could select the selection and use Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split New

This would then move the selection to a new track thereby enabling you to mute that independently of the donor track.


Thank you both Steve and Wax!

With that, I wanted to add my second problem which I solved immediately from online research today, and posting it now here. How do we ‘import’ a second audio track, underneath the song, for example, to add a mic recording singing?

Go to: File, Import… and choose the format
Next, choose the file, and it will appear underneath your main track!

This is used for merging music.

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