Muti OS users & hello

I noticed when I joined (a few minutes ago) it only gives me a choice of one OS. What about us multi OS users? Surely amongst your developers you must have quite a few.

Also hello, when I clicked on the link under ‘Get Involved’ ‘users’ ‘Say hello’ called ‘write to us’ it brought me to this forum, so hello :smiley: .


Audacity supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 20.52.25.png

I think Joe means the OS that is part of your Forum profile.

Mine is set to Windows 10 (as that is my production and native environment) - but I also run a Catalina Macbook Pro for QA testing.


Assuming that you mean, as waxcylinder suggested, that you mean the OS that is part of your Forum profile, then I expect that most users of multiple OS’s would select whichever they consider to be their main OS. In my case that’s Linux, though I also occasionally use Windows and macOS.