must be real time

title says all.

What must be real time? This forum?

We do pretty well. We have forum helper elves over nine time zones and rarely take more than a day to respond to a question—unless you have a doozy. That may take a day or two.


If there are visitors, and admins here, and only visitors ask questions, and only admins answer them,
then this forum doesn’t need to be real time (realtime=no approval process for posts).

Sorry, but we REALLY need approval for non-trusted posters.

You wouldn’t believe the number of folk who try to spam this (and other Forums) with unwanted ads for services and kitchens - not to mention p0rn0graphy most of which probably contain highly dangerous links with malware and trojans.

And even after you become a trusted poster with immediate un-moderated posting, your posts will still be monitored as the Forum elves read every post that gets made.

We work hard to keep this corner of the Internet a sane family-friendly place to hang out - we have no plans to desist from that and let the legion of spammers and trolls take over …

I can’t possibly be a spammer.
Whoever knows Felicita resembles Egmont, can’t possibly be a spammer.
But, this is not important, because probably people are not online at the same time.

This is a good forum. This forum resembles, phpbb… which I think is ot safe. vbulletin might be better.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page…

I never said you were a spammer :wink: :sunglasses:

BUT ironically, not long after I made that last post of mine this very thread did indeed get a post from a spammer (which I removed from this bug-thread - and from the Forum).