Multi-Tool Only Zooms Out Regardless

I just noticed that, with the Multi-tool activated, the Zoom function (pressing option key when Multi-Tool is on) only zooms out, even though the cursor shows a + (plus) symbol.

The Zoom Tool works fine when zooming in or out via shift key.

I’m running Audacity 3.0.2 on MacBook Pro Big Sur 11.3.1

I don’t usually use the Multi-Tool, so I’d not noticed this. I agree that the behaviour is peculiar, but testing on Linux, I think it may be as intended.

Referring to the manual (

Zoom In: Right Click and drag
Zoom Out: Right Click

Both of those work as expected.
The manual does not mention “Option + Right Click”

I think that’s because it does zoom in if you drag.

On Linux, I get the magnifying glass icon change to a minus if I “Shift + Right Click”. On release, it zooms out with a zoom factor that seems to be related to the distanced dragged, but I’ve not worked out exactly what it is doing. This does not appear to be documented.

Personally I’ll stick with Mouse Wheel zooming with the normal selection tool.

Yes, this is a graphic oddity - you are making a Zoom out by a factor of 2 - BUT the magnifying glass cursor has a “+” sign

And I note there is no opposite to this action in Multi-tool - there is no zoom in by a factor of 2 (only zoom in by right click and drag)

It works functionally - nut not graphically.

Look carefully and you will see that the magnifying glass cursor, when using the Zoom tool, carrying a “+” sign regardless of whether you are zooming in or out ( right click zooms out - left click zooms in).

It would probable be graphically better if the magnifying glass cursor icon had no “+” or “-” sign, just blank like the Zoom tool in the Tools toolbar.
How much does this graphic oddity bother us? If it does bother us I can log this as a (cosmetic) issue on our bug-tracker.

It looks to me as though both these pages in the Manual accurately describe the behaviors:

I can probably improve those pages a bit and add a note about the graphical inconsistency of the zoom cursor.


Logged as Bug #2773
Zoom cursor should not have “+” sign iconography


I also added this associated Bug #2774
No Zoom-in in Multi-Tool mode


I have updated the Multi-Tool page in the alpha Manual (for the upcoming 3.0.3 release) to clarify this situation:

I also tidied up the Zoom Tool page