mpeg-1, mpeg-2 audio samples.

Hi, I am testing a decoder but oddly enough I have no way to create mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 audio samples to test the decoder.

I can easily encode mp3 since there are countless encoders out there but I cannot find one that does layer I or II.

Can someone point me out to where I can get some simple audio samples of layer I or layer II to test my decoder.



Audacity 1.3.5 certainly has a dropdown selection to export to MP2 - I have’t tried it personnally, so can’t vouch for it working - Give it a try and report back please.


Try “Foobar2000”

What kind of decoder do you use? Maybe your decoder simply can’t create mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 audio

You can use the audiocity mpeg-2 audio encoder, this is working.

Go File> Export> Option to set the MP2 bit rate

Save the file and congrads: You just created your first MPEG-2 audio format.