Move "x" to remove track away from Mute button

Since you’ve added the live Effects button, it seems the Mute button and X buttons (to remove a track) have been pushed closer together. Several times I’ve accidentally clicked the X when I meant to click Mute. It all seems very crowded around that area.

Does anyone else have this issue?

yeah, it is a bit too easy to delete tracks at the moment. I really want to move the delete option into the track menu itself to not have the danger icon sit on your screen the entire day.

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You can instantly undo accidental delete via “Ctrl”+“Z”, or via the undo buttonundo.

Less crowded If you’re willing to sacrifice the solo button …

remove solo

I have removed the “none” option for the solo button for 3.5

Try instead using the shortcut for toggling the Mute on/off in the currently focused track (the one with the yellow border)

Shift + U toggles the Mute

Shift + S toggles the Solo



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