Move "x" to remove track away from Mute button

Since you’ve added the live Effects button, it seems the Mute button and X buttons (to remove a track) have been pushed closer together. Several times I’ve accidentally clicked the X when I meant to click Mute. It all seems very crowded around that area.

Does anyone else have this issue?

yeah, it is a bit too easy to delete tracks at the moment. I really want to move the delete option into the track menu itself to not have the danger icon sit on your screen the entire day.

You can instantly undo accidental delete via “Ctrl”+“Z”, or via the undo buttonundo.

Less crowded If you’re willing to sacrifice the solo button …

remove solo

I have removed the “none” option for the solo button for 3.5

Try instead using the shortcut for toggling the Mute on/off in the currently focused track (the one with the yellow border)

Shift + U toggles the Mute

Shift + S toggles the Solo


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